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Myoreflex sessions

one-on-one sessions of movement optimisation

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Myoreflex therapy offers a comprehensive approach to addressing a wide array of symptoms, including chronic and acute pain, the aftermath of injuries, limitations in movement, numbness and tingling in the extremities, headaches, dizziness, ringing in the ears, and various other physical discomforts.
The underlying principle of this therapy revolves around regulating muscle tone to harmonize the body's bio-geometric structure.  By applying targeted pressure point stimulation, the practitioner establishes communication with the receiver's nervous system, enabling the body to self-regulate muscular balance.

By considering the individual's unique daily movement patterns and habits, along with the involvement of myofascial meridians and immediate muscle loops, the practitioner devises a session plan that remains fluid and adaptable throughout the process, responsive to ongoing feedback.


A session takes place on a massage table in comfortable clothes.

Each session typically lasts for 50 minutes with a brief discussion both before and after. The initial session involves a more extended conversation to gather relevant movement-related history and background information.

This approach is highly recommended for individuals grappling with symptoms that have not been completely comprehended by conventional medical practitioners. Its objectives encompass achieving freedom from pain while enhancing the range of movement and progressing towards heightened self-awareness in either professional or amateur movement training. Additionally, it caters to those seeking relaxation, improved sleep, and an overall better quality of life.

Sessions can be conducted in English, Russian, or simple German.

about me

I am a dance artist, certified Myoreflex practitioner, M.A.Sc in Molecular Biotechnology, and also went through professional retraining in psychology. 
As an artist, trained dancer, and bodyworker, I see embodied interaction as a combination of explicit and implicit processes, that transpasses our conscious and otherwise present identities. This vision came from my artistic experiments in social choreography, and activist-curatorial practices of decoloniality in the realm of dance history. I am a cofounder of the dance cooperative Isadorino Gore with Dasha Plokhova (2012), Fulbright Visiting Scholar (2018), and since 2019 curator of the project Touching Margins together with Nitsan Margaliot and Anna Chwialkowska.


I'm a member of the considering – network of artist-bodyworkers, who consider bodywork as poetry. Bodywork that co-regulates and resculpts the principles of engagement with corporealities beyond pathologization. Therefore we have created this platform – a union of precarity – for mutual support, discursive exchange, visibility and care for diverse bodies and body histories. To acknowledge the rich spectrum of abilities, sensations and feelings from which we learn.


Thereapiezentrum Anichstraße
Anichstraße 34
6020 Innsbruck

WhatsApp, Telegram

+43 681 840 70 712


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