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Regular classes


New School

Urban Tactics & Performance, New York 2018

The course at The New School that I co-taught with Nitin Sawhney as a Fulbright Visiting Scholar and elective MovementLab that I led with the assistance of Agnese Cebere.

Due to the popularity of Movement Lab students decided to continue with it after I left the University. We explored questions how do we make sense of the urban through sensory and embodied experiences? How can we investigate and engage in everyday places and contested sites in the city through tactical media, performance and artistic interventions? Through experimental media, embodied performance practices, and site-specific projects we brought together art, urbanism, media, and activism. We gradually developed our body awareness in order to use it as a tool to explore the city and bring new perspectives to the sensual understanding of public spaces.

Dance Technique & Projects, Moscow 2013-17

In Moscow Dance and Performance Centre TSEKH, I led regular technique classes, laboratories and edutainment projects (TSEKH lyceum, TSEKH+, Challenge Jam) that gathered a remarkable community with intense art life.

Students of those classes and laboratories participated in many Isadorino Gore's and my personal art projects. Now they are active members of Moscow and St.-Petersburg contemporary dance communities: Alena Papina, Katerina Pomelova and Katerina Chadina successfully graduated from Vaganova Ballet Academy and are working on their own art projects, Daria Iuriichuk and Katya Volkova are researching their artistic practices independently, as well as in zh-v-yu project with Natalia Zhukova, Tatyana Kovalevich is a part of Imposture Laboratory


Silent Period, Moscow 2018

An international educational project devoted to the theory and critics of the contemporary dance.
In collaboration with Garage Museum and Goethe Institute.

Silent Period is a workshop program on contemporary dance, performance, their critical analysis, portfolio reviews, and community talks. The final event of this program is a Battle of Critics – the hybrid of Science Slam and talent show: three dance artists perform solos, each work is discussed by three critics. At the end of the evening, the audience will decide which dance critic best reflected their own interpretation of what they have seen.


Program teachers: Fernando Belfiore (The Netherlands/Brazil), Elena Demyanenko (USA),
Anna Kozonina (Russia), Anya Kravchenko (Russia), Anna Volkland (Germany),
Charlotte Imbault (France)

Intensive Training

Theory&Practice of 20th Century Dance

Theory and Practice of 20th Century Dance 

We gradually developed this course with Daria Plokhova since 2014, from 16 hours workshop to
72 hours full-rate training.

Aim of the course is structuring the history and evolution of dance praxis in the XX century. We consider historical, social, political events and scientific progress as factors affected the perception of the body and dance practices accordingly. As the course is planned in correspondence to historical development, so it is separated for 10-20 years periods joined by common concept or direction of the field development. Every block considers isochronal historical background, philosophical concepts of worldview, current pieces of art and music. All this material became the landscape of transformation choreographic and dance compositional tools. Dance technique classes (corresponded to considered historical period) intersperse with watching the video documentation of it, practicing compositional tools, listening to the music of that period, discussing the world political situations and bodily concept of the time. 


2018      Bennington College, HSE Art and Design School, SDVIG performative space
2017      V-A-C live: Tino Sehgal, NCCA Moscow, Coordinate System, Berlin, ICC dance company

2016/15 Prodvizhenie Dance Festival, ZIL Culture Center, Moscow
2015      Moscow Urban Forum, MediaImpact International Festival of Activist Art, Kaluga dance center
2014      Simferopol, Crimea region
2013      Palace of Youth, Yaroslavl, Kirov State Theatre of Young Spectator
2012      Basel Dance Bureau, Black Orange Dance Camp, International Dance Festival Art of Movement

2011       Czech House, Nikolay Ogryzkov Dance School, Moscow


2018      What the Body Knows: Connecting Cells to Choreography, Strand Bookstore, New York

2017      Coordinate System Forum, Berlin

2016      Dance Interventions in Urban Environment. Site-Specific, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, 
               20th Century Dance, Lumiere Brothers Gallery, Moscow

2015      Dance Interventions in Urban Space, DoSummit, TSEKH lyceum, Moscow
2014      Body in Urban Environment, Yaroslavl, What the Contemporary Dance is? Kaluga

2013      What the Contemporary Dance is?, ZIL Culture Center, Moscow

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