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Isadorino Gore dance cooperative

Isadorino Gore dance cooperative was founded in 2012 by Sasha Portyannikova and Daria Plokhova, alumnae of Vaganova Ballet Academy.

Sasha and Daria are choreographers, independent dancers, and teachers. They regard dance as a cultural phenomenon. They create dance performances, teach contemporary dance technique, experiment and research different movements, and art forms.

The name is based on words play referenced to Isadora’s name, who is recognized as the pioneer of modern dance and Russian children's fairy tale Fedora’s Sorrow, so direct translation is Isadora’s Sorrow and this is a joke.

In work we take inspiration from current circumstances: it could be space, or our personal life, or something else. The aim of our artistic activity is to achieve the level of creative unpredictability and the possibility to combine incongruous whiсh demonstrate our government.

Selected Works

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