Mycelium dance floor

The aim of this project is to develop a methodology for embodiment of our own non-humanity by means of movement practices. My purpose is to build parallels between the human intuition about other selves that are visible through the mythological entities in art and contemporary scientific discoveries. Aby Warburg researched the migration of the images through the cultures and history, Carl Jung described archetypes, which deal with the phenomenon of collective memory as well. My assumption is that mythological selves and entities in world art history represent the intuitive premonition of presence of invisible life, and it's ubiquity that nowadays is researched by microbiome studies. By paralleling those I am building a picture of the planetary coexistence, and by embodying that parallel through the dance practice, I make this knowledge commensurate to the human scale and temporality. The result of the project will be a zine in which non-humans that humans coexist with and entities from the mythology and art will be collaged. These collages will be followed by the dancing scores, which bring together imaginary and scientific information with movement experience in order to embody the picture of planetary coexistence. 

concept and performance: Sasha Portyannikova

music: Yuri Akbalkan
camera: Fabio Dondero and Ali [please write here his surname]
cut: Fabio Dondero
curated by International Cultural Project Butterbrot recorded during the exhibition Contemporary Love
as a part of 48 Stunden Neukölln
Polymedialer Ponyhof, Berlin 2020