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Handcrafted Digital Morphing

The idea of this work was born during the lockdown when our forced distancing acquired a term-less perspective. We are exploring the possibility of creating live-performed art-pieces in a digital space that go beyond the established expectations of “digital” art. This research is also a process of integrating our environmental awareness into artistic practice and finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint.
Going deeper into the discourse of communication with non-human selves, we are questioning, if we are able to consider digital media as a non-human self as well? As humanity, we are looking for a possibility to build responsible communication with the environment and other species on the planet. But what about the digital environment that we are existing in,  which makes our daily life what it is? Could we consider the possibility to build horizontal communication with the digital media we are communicating through? Could we consider the labor of digital selves as invisible labor that is developed by the feminist paradigm?

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