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Escalation of Heroism

In 2015 our country celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Victory over fascism, so all government supported galleries were obligated to prepare exhibitions devoted to the glory of Soviet folks feat.

We performed in gallery exhibited documentation of different Soviet propaganda approaches with the title “From the Sovinformburo”. In our performance, we explored “how the action of the real person in real conditions became the feat, myth and got a new sense by means of text and media distribution”. This text and the title of the work were cut from official announce. In official press-release it was called Ballet Performance, meanwhile, the performance itself wasn’t censored anyhow.

The action took place on wheelchair ramps. We thought about ramps as Lethe of Styx river, that transfer the bodies of heroes. We meditated on the topics of the heroization process, how interrupted lives became bodies of dead soldiers. How that dead bodies decorated by awards and insignia became state property and propaganda weapon that asks others to die more. How the value of interrupted live disappears and the glory of the state appears instead.

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